Spotlight: LM Experience & Camellia Sinensis Bar


La Marzocco's Ben Blake getting steamy on a Linea Mini

Over the next week TEDsters are connecting with their peers, some of the world’s greatest thinkers in opening dialogues and innovating across disciplines in a fun and interactive way.

In mirroring that interaction, WCE has partnered with our Official Equipment sponsor, La Marzocco and Camellia Sinensis to bring a dynamic bar experience to TEDsters where they can learn and get their hands dirty!


Nestled between the entrance and the main hall of the Vancouver Convention Centre, the Experience Bar has been grabbing TEDsters’ attention with its intriguing design and La Marzocco equipment. TEDsters walking up to the matching black, white, and red home espressos machines have been offered the chance to break the barrier of the bar and to get behind the machine to try things for themselves. So far, TEDsters have been embracing the spirit by giving espresso-pulling a shot! The Linea Minis have been built to a professional grade, and are equipped with a steam wand for TEDsters to work on their milk game!


Explaining the interest and growth in home espresso, La Marzocco’s Scott Callendar links it to the growth of the specialty coffee industry. “A lot of it has to do with consumer education. People are being exposed to these great coffee shops that have sprung up all over the place and are asking more and more questions. People have started to learn that the product of simple button pushing doesn’t taste the same as what they’re used to in these specialty cafés, and that’s what they’re trying to replicate.”


Whippin' real good - Hugo America from Camellia Sinensis preps matcha

Behind the home espresso machine is a manual brew station rotating through seven choice coffee roasters, as well as a tea bar,featuring Canada’s own Camellia Sinensis.

Kevin and Hugo have stocked the bar with a range of classic and exotic fresh loose leaf teas. So far the nutty, green kamiricha, and silky white wulong from Taiwan have teased TEDsters, but the star have been the three types of matcha from Japan.

As Hugo Americi from Camellia explains, tencha tea leaves are shaded for three weeks which results in a smooth tea with a lot of character and no bitterness. Whisked into a smooth consistency, the higher absorption rate by consuming the leaves rather than steeped water will leave TEDsters ready to Dream for hours!

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