Honing in on Honduras


Learning the background about a coffee’s story can often be as enlightening as revealing the results from a blind coffee cupping session. Norma Zulema Azucena Erazo’s coffee, discovered by Sightglass after cupping Honduras in 2013, is one that showcases the spectacular results of investment and partnership in the supply chain.

Norma Zulema Azucena Erazo, a single mother from the Barbara district of Honduras began selling coffee at local markets, but had her heart set on becoming a world class coffee farmer as she saw the potential of coffees.

Honduras bloomed as a coffee producing country quite late, and as a result of this there is a lack of access to necessary processing equipment and a quality control infrastructure. The agricultural fall out after Hurricane Mitch in the 1980’s and difficulty in drying coffee due to the altitude of the country and the onslaught of coffee rust have all compounded Honduras’ association as a low value commodity exporter to some in the past. From selling her coffee at local markets, Norma quickly saw the potential to elevate to a world-class product, and her strategy was two-fold.

After constructing a fermentation tank, depulper and shaded drying bed, Norma had the processing equipment she needed to showcase the Zulema, a rust-resistant Catimor varietal. In partnering with Beneficio San Vincente, a consistent contributor to Honduras Cup of Excellence, Norma could ensure that all milling was to a world standard before the Zulema reached Sightglass in San Francisco for roasting.

TEDsters can expect a balanced cup, with cacao nib flavours, crisp apple acidity and the syrupy sweetness of strawberry candy across our bars from Wednesday afternoon.

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