Dream Service


TEDsters. It’s a name that describes the attendees of the TED conference, a gathering of razor sharp and varied intellects from around the world, designed to perpetuate ideas worth spreading. And spread they do. Over the course of five days, TEDsters participate in the cross pollination of ideas, innovations and conversations.

It’s where CEOs have their eyes opened by child-writers, and where pediatric cardiologists discover common ground with afro-beat artists. It’s a gathering of reciprocal influencers where no number of degrees of separation can take away from commonality or relevance. And this content takes various forms—the experience ranges from talks to music to dance to interactive workshops.

The theme for TED2016 is Dream, and the coffee & tea service this year is set up to reflect that theme—to tell the stories of specialty coffee, and to share some insight into the dreams of each roaster, farmer, barista, and coffee plant that is reflected in this service.  A key to delivering a world-class service to TEDsters lies in partnering with top-notch equipment and coffee partners.

A team of Q Graders and coffee professionals have whittled down 35 global submissions to the seven coffees that will be appearing at TED2016. La Marzocco, TED2016 coffee service’s Official Equipment Partner, has teamed up with WCE to provide six full-service bars that are set up to stimulate conversation, from both sides of the bar.

Manning the bars will be a team of 45 baristas that are not only competitive and highly qualified coffee professionals, but are also authors, artists, and entrepreneurs from around the world. This team is able to brew pour-over coffees at the same time as pore-ing over the finer points of a TEDster’s game changing pitch, and bring their unique perspective to the table.

In an industry where even the most established coffee professionals see themselves as students, it speaks volumes to how valuable communication between all stakeholders is, including the consumer. Our baristas are excited to have their chance in opening those lines of communication with their consumers, TEDsters, in showcasing not only the coffees but the stories behind them too.

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