Tea Time @ TED


TED Coffee isn’t just about coffee, not by a long shot. Every year, we’ve deepend our tea offering, and offered a tea service every bit as exciting as our coffee service. TEDsters often indulge in coffee to fuel their imaginations in the morning, but as the day wears on, begin to explore the nuances of tea with its fragrance, mystery and exoticism.  A great new addition to the bars this year is the Breville tea brewer, allowing us to serve elegantly brewed teas like delicate Ti Quan Yin oolongs with their famous aromatics and delicate astringency intact. Amazing partners Harney and Sons, the Tea Smith and Tealet have curated an amazing assortment of teas for us, which not only delight TEDsters, but educate our own coffee-addled palates. Tealightful.

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