Potent Quotables: Riley Paterson

RIley Paterson Chemexing Magic

Mr. Riley Paterson, of Visions Espresso in Seattle, on his first TEDCoffee experience:

I worked at 3 different stations, and was assigned to the brew shifts at all of them. I make pour overs all the time…I have a Chemex at home, so I’m used to that part, but the parameters for brewing for that volume of people was something I’d never experienced before. It was great because I got to use a Hario V60 at the first station, a Chemex at the second, an Aeropress at the third station, AND with three different coffees at that. It was also really cool to see what the coffee scene in Canada had to offer…that Matchstick Washed Ethiopia was DOPE, the Elysian Rwanda was awesome, and TOMS is off to a good start! I think it’s interesting that many of us have mentioned that a large part of our experience at TEDCoffee is the idea of drawing attention to the concept of equality, over just service per se, for example, how we are trying to change the perception of specialty coffee as a profession. We want to magnify the idea of hospitality, while still expressing the desire to establish expertise. I wonder what kind of experience the TED attendees are having after interacting with us…does it translate to them?

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