“My very first …



“My very first interaction with a stranger here at TED was with a man who gasped when he saw my “Specialty Coffee Association” badge. “Do you guys do the coffee here?!?” He said, “you guys changed my life!”

This TED attendee went on to say how he drank terrible coffee before, but our service turned him on to a different kind of coffee. He said he drinks less coffee now, because he is so satisfied with the flavor he gets from Specialty coffee, which he gets from high quality roasters he learned about from us. His enthusiasm was palpable and overwhelming.

This small victory represents our front-lines experience here at TED. Influential people, who may not value or celebrate coffee coming in, who may never set foot inside a specialty coffee cafe, are exposed to the glory of great coffee in a setting where they are receptive and open. And when we honor that receptivity, great things can happen. We’re winning, you guys, and changing lives all over the place.”

SCAA Director of Symposium Peter Giuliano, on changing lives at TED with coffee

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