Quote of the Day: Tristan Mapstone of Fernwood Coffee Company

Tristan Mapstone

Last Thursday afternoon, barista Tristan Mapstone was working a bar shift at Fernwood Coffee Company in Victoria, BC. A few days later, he was in Vancouver registering at the Vancouver Convention Center as a volunteer for TEDCoffee. Here are some brief thoughts on the program from Mr. Mapstone, who jumped on-board at the last second to complete the team!

“My boss asked if I wanted to go to Vancouver and work at TED. I had no previous knowledge of the program before. I think because I didn’t know what to expect, it’s all been a tad overwhelming, but in the best way.  It is so rad to be able to talk shop and be surrounded by all these top level baristas and share knowledge and whatnot. I think this experience helps to make the coffee community a bit more concrete and cohesive.”

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